We are dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship and take pride in our work.


We use craft as a starting point for design innovation.


We combine traditional materials and processes with a design-led approach to create high-end, modern rugs that push the boundaries of contemporary craft.

We use the finest of natural yarns, including wool, silk, hemp and bamboo - all of which, as well as looking beautiful and being durable, feel soft and luxurious underfoot.

All of our rugs are handmade by the team at Ceadogán Rugmakers in our workshops in Wexford. Hours of tufting, shearing, carving, clipping, backwinding and plucking are invested into the making of each rug.


We collaborate with some of Ireland's most iconic and respected designers working across fashion, architecture, graphic design and art.

A deep rooted history of creative collaboration.

These exciting collaborations bring to life the exceptional skill and meticulous passion of our craftspeople as well as the creativity and vision of the artists.